Desk by the Window by Tiku_67

Sep 18, 2015 at 02:33 pm by -gToon

Desk by the Window by Tiku_67

Created in Wings3D, a much-neglected 3D application that has a strong following at, "Desk by the Window" is a work of art. Yes, perhaps rendering could be better on the feather and the top flute of the lamp, but it's a smudge on a hole in time. This image is so much like a Vermeer painting it's uncanny. The light and the framing are what takes Desk by the Window into another level of realism.

And like all artists, Tiku_67 has succeeded in creating an image that suggests more than it reveals. What town is this? Who's room? It's almost like a pause in between writing where the writer stops to look out the window to reflect on what she is writing. This kind of ambiguity is what makes an image pop out and take you on a journey. It's story-driven imagery.

Tiku_67 doesn't have a lot of pieces in his/her gallery and none are better than this one, but there is great promise in this artists skills and imagination. I'm very proud to make "Desk by the Window" a Featured Image here at Renderosity Magazine.

Be sure to visit Tiku_67's gallery to see more of this talented artist's work.

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