One-Wheeled Racery by Ratkov

Sep 21, 2015 at 01:41 pm by -gToon

One-Wheeled Racer by ratkov

Created in Bryce, , "One-Wheeled Racer" is an evocative scifi images. Ratkov (aka Anthony Ratkov) is an accomplished Bryce artist who specializes in imagery that is bold, beautifully crafted and futuristic. His work could be featured on any number of scifi novels.

Although brief, ratkov's bio at indicates he works on his digital art outside of his main job. Well, it doesn't show, as he is an excellent artist.

I live in the suburbs of Detroit and I work in Detroit's car industry. In my spare time I work as an artist.

What I particularly like about One-Wheeled Racer is its layered imagery. It tells a story with the strange, city-like structure in the background. Many of the images we've featured here at Renderosity Magazine have this story-telling quality: suggesting in the image that there are characters involved in some story.

Colors are excellent as well. Bryce is a great 3D application, but not always easy to use. The fact that ratkov consistently creates evocative imagery in his gallery is an indication that he knows this application very well.
We will feature an interview with ratkov at some point in the future to find out more about his working process and ideas.

Be sure to visit ratkov's gallery to see more of this talented artist's work.

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