INDIAN by Gadu

Sep 24, 2015 at 01:05 am by -gToon

INDIAN by Gadu

Renderosity artist, Gadu, used 3DS Max to create this still image with an Indian theme.

INDIAN is similar to a classical still life, but with an entirely different subject matter. Rather than flowers or food, Gadu features the trappings of the culture of India and it's varied religions. There's also a touch of the supernatural with a lit lamp (genie in the lamp?). In a sense, the image is one of contrasts: the smooth wafting smoke vs the metal of the lamp and prayer beads vs the smoldering incense.

The scene is also beautifully lit with soft shadows, but nice clean edges. The entire scene is evocative and, as I've pointed out in previous featured image comments, suggests a story. Who put these objects together? Are they important to this person? All great realistic art has this human context.

INDIAN is an excellent image done with a program that takes some time to master. Looking at Gadu's gallery, you get the feeling that he has mastered 3DS Max. He has a series of "still life" images (Knowledge is a favorite) that are simply beautiful.

I urge you to visit Gadu's gallery and view more of this skilled artist's work.

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