Jack by Kadaj15

Mar 03, 2018 at 04:02 am by -gToon


Jack by Kadaj15

Kadaj15 is an outstanding artist at Renderosity. He often creates portraits that are very dramatic, but as is the case with his creation, Jack, he goes for a more realistic and mellow vibe. Even so, one can see hints of trouble in this portrait: his eyes are slightly red (hangover?) and the heavy jacket gives the impression that he might be a cruiser.

It's all in my imagination but drawn from a truly wonderful 3D portrait. Kadaj15 used DAZ for this image, rendered in iray. The lighting and skin textures are perfect. Jack is one of those creations where you don't for a minute question that this is a person with a story.

Please go to KJadaj15's Renderosity gallery if you can. He's got a ton of great work there. One of fav artists now.

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