Early morning by madasatadpole

Mar 06, 2018 at 10:02 am by -gToon


Early morning by madasatadpole

Vue has always been an application that allows you to create very realistic scenery and environments, but it has a steep learning curve and not everyone comes to master the program. Madastadpole is an artist who has mastered Vue. Early morning is a perfect example of skill. To be able to create an environment that looks random is not easy. The scene, however, looks like a photograph.

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The rendering is beautiful as well. I'm also impressed with the composition of the scene. madastadpole structures the rocks and plants in such a way that it draws your eye to the elk on the right who is in a dramatic pose.

This talented artist has many more excellent images in his gallery at Renderosity.com, please take a moment to view his truly masterful work.

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