2017 11 15 5 by bikerbitchNO1

Nov 15, 2017 at 01:35 pm by -gToon


2017 11 15 5 by bikerbitchNO1

bikerbithNO1 is a master of fractal art. This art style uses math formulas that drive computer algorithms which in turn create incredible visual poetry in color and shape. It's not an easy art to learn and every more difficult to master. 2017 11 15 5 is a perfect example of just how beautiful and unique fractal imagery can be. There is a sinuous look to main figure; much like abstract autumn photograph. But it's the unique framing that captures the eye. The perfect grid structure parallels the math-driven art behind like looking through a window into a new galaxy or gas nebula. The whole effect is one of power and beauty.

Many more great fractal artworks can be seen at bikerbitchNO1's gallery at Renderosity.com. Highly recommended.

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