Time Abides, Civilizations Do Not by rps53

Nov 08, 2017 at 11:20 am by -gToon


Time Abides, Civilizations Do Not by rps53

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rps53 is a bold artist who creates striking and evocative imagery primarily in the surrealist, fantasy and horror genres. I say genre, but with rps53 the work is really a combination of influences. Time Abides, Civilizations Do Not is a good example. Although it's a surrealist image, there is a strong element of realistic horror. The mood of the scene is creepy and unnerving. The gesture of the central figure is mysterious. I also love how well the image has been aged. This kind of effect is often overdone, but not here. I really like this image and find it something that I come back to like a mystery. And the idea of time being something that abides (standing on the ruins of Europe post WWII perhaps?) is a potent one.

Please take a moment to visit rps53's gallery at Renderosity.com. It's filled with bold and mysterious imagery that you won't soon forget.

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