The Meaning of an Abandoned Glove

Nov 23, 2015 at 02:57 pm by -gToon

In my opinion, there's a meaning behind every taken photo. I mean, there's usually a memory behind the photo and when someone asks you about it, you cannot help but describe it. When I saw Renderosity member goodoleboy's image titled "Abandoned Glove #2," there was something about it that just jumped out at me.

The backstory is that I just happened to find it lying on the sidewalk near home, with its mate nowhere in sight.

It is my habit taking photographs of anomalies lying around on the ground, lawns, sidewalks, around construction sites, i.e., abandoned shoes, gloves, even plastic bottles and cups, paper cups, leaves, pine cones, branches, twigs, half eaten fruit, particularly very early on a sunny morning. when these objects cast long shadows.

In this instance, the glove symbolizes something relatively new and lost, nothing deeply profound than that.

The meaning of the photo is that I notice things that most others don't notice, or if they do notice it, they ignore it, feeling that it really has no significance as an appealing photo subject

Finally, and for basically reasons mentioned above, I decided to snap the shot, actually several, in the hopes of postworking some shadow effects from it, which didn't come to pass in this case.

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