The Symbolism Behind the "I Chose You" Image

Oct 15, 2015 at 09:42 pm by -gToon

Lately, I've been looking for images on Renderosity that jump out and symbolize 'love.' I'm a hopeless romantic and love hearing about marriage proposals, acts of love, and stories on how couples met. As long as it has to do with romance, I'm interested!

While browsing through the Photography section, I found an image titled "I chose you." I began marveling at the image and wondering about the symbolism, what inspired this photo, and what does this happy couple represent. Therefore, I decided to reach out to member Odie--who took this photo--and get some more insight.

What inspired you to take it?

Most of my inspiration comes from my rural hobby farm setting. Nature has always been my inspiration. I meant to take their close-up portraits under the shade of that tree, and I did. But when I saw the "bubble" that was created, I moved away from them, sitting just below the horizon and far enough away to allow them to feel alone. Open sky in the background rather than scenery has us focus just on them and gives it that intimacy that I was hoping for.

What does the happy couple symbolize?

Taking time to create their own quiet space in our busy world so they can always remember to put each other first and encourage each other to grow individually while enhancing their own commitment and bond for a lasting relationship.

What is the meaning behind the photo?

Profound communication can be visual. That is why I gave it the title "I Chose You..." You can see the bond they have without hearing them speak. If they speak- the words float away in the breeze like a secret prayer. The light that surrounds them in the photo is balanced by putting them in the shadows. I hope they can be role models for other young couples and a beacon of commitment, hope and light for us all.

Why did you decided to take it?

This old tree frames the old mossy picnic table and I knew it would be a meaningful silhouette shot. It has a timeless feel to it and says so much with no words. I would love to get another chance to photograph them in this same location in 20 years! Maybe they can celebrate their major anniversary markers by posing under that tree.

Here's the back-story about these two lovebirds:

They met in the bank where she works and he came in one day for a transaction. Sometime later on, she recognized him out on the town, they started dating and he helped her with her seasonal theater work. They've been together 3 years.

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