My Favorite Time of Year by AngelFire999

Oct 03, 2015 at 11:43 pm by -gToon

My Favorite Time of Year by AngelFire999, of course, refers to the most wonderful month of the year: October. The month climaxes with the Halloween celebration which, over the decades, has become increasingly a time for art that is supernatural or horror-themed. AngelFire999 and I share a great love for this kind of work. Her gallery is full of gothic and supernatural women, but with a life that practically pops off of the screen.

The central figure in My Favorite Time of Year is a powerful woman who is slightly turned away from the viewer, but there is nothing shy about this character at all. One feels a sense of mystery and latent power in this figure. Colors are so bold and contrasting that the mood is established immediately. The stained-glass framing is perfect choice to frame the characters head. It also adds a nice touch of spirit/religion to the scene. Which contrasts so well with the supernatural character we see before us.

But what's particularly masterful about the scene is the rendering. Ahh, so great to see a beautifully rendered image like this one. The light is perfect: just enough to see, but dark enough to obscure certain parts of the scene. The cloth in the characters sexy outfit is so real you can see the threads in the bodice. This image is just one of many superb images in AngelFire999's gallery which I urge you to visit as quickly as you can.

I'm looking forward to seeing more compelling images from AngelFire999 as the month of October counts down.

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