Pin the Crown on the Princess by auntietk

Oct 09, 2015 at 08:55 am by -gToon

Pin the Crown on the Princess by auntietk

Renderosity artist, auntietk took this photo in 2008. It's a simple photograph that's not particularly well framed or exposed, but it captures a moment and a person so brilliantly that you feel for this young girl in ways that other photographs of children at a party perhaps cannot begin to express.

Pin the Crown on the Princess is a photograph that is frank and open. There is no real background, other than the idea that perhaps we are at a party or a festival of some kind. The lighting is bright with the reflections of a flash on the child's mask quite evident. In fact, the photo is kind of over-bright. Something a professional photographer would have worked to balance better. But somehow, I think, a pro would not have caught the moment the way auntietk has. The sense of spontaneity, of a lived moment, is present in this photo. There's no big "say cheese" smile, but something more delicate and perhaps mysterious.

And the fact that the mask the child wears has no holes for eyes gives the photo a creepy feeling. Ironic given the title of the photograph being "Pin the Crown on the Princess" (who can't see). This photo asks questions of the viewer and suggests that perhaps the Princess is not as perfect as we all think. Mary Ellen Mark or Diane Arbus could have taken this photo it's so striking and strange.

I highly recommend visiting auntietk's gallery to see more of her original and creative photography.

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