Umbrella Sky by BlacKeri

Oct 16, 2015 at 11:25 pm by -gToon

Unbrella Sky

Umbrella Sky by BlacKeri

Renderosity artist, BlackKeri, has a remarkable gallery at renderosity. Her 2D illustrations are exquisite and it's hard to pick a single image to feature, but Umbrella Sky captured me because it features so much to enjoy and is so beautifully crafted

Umbrella Sky grips the view immediately with it's emphasize on red and orange both in the sunset and in the character's dress. It's such a wonderfully balanced image that centers the eye on the lightest spot on the screen (her face) and then leads you to notice the rest of the image details such as the surreal fish and the fact that she's sitting on a rock on the edge of the sea (lake?).

It's the characters expression that is most impressive: she is looking off screen at someone/something that captures her attention. Is she waiting for someone who has arrived? Is she looking at something that could impact her in some way? These are the things that make a character come to live for the viewer: the sense that they are living in a scene of the artists making.

The lovely drape of the characters left arm and the perfect skin tones reflecting parts of the scene. It's an exquisite image that lingers in your memory.

I urge you to visit BlacKeri's gallery where you will see many more beautiful portraits that fill the viewer with interest and feeling.

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