Halloween the 20th by Greg Chapman

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Halloween‬ the 20th by Greg Chapman

Greg Chapman is a professional graphic artist based in Australia. He works in the horror/supernatural world of book covers, illustrations and graphic novels. Greg's being doing an illustration-a-day on his Facebook page for every day in October leading up to Halloween on October 31, 2015.

Halloween the 20th is a watercolor he did for the 20th of October and it is my favorite of the images he has posted up to this point. Some of my interest comes from the fact that you rarely see watercolor in the horror illustration field because it is dominated by Photoshop and 3D Poser-like imagery. I think his choice to do this terrifically atmospheric horror image gives it a great sense of style and believability. And the colors are excellent for a horror scene with the watercolors blending and dripping off of the bottom of the page.

Halloween the 20th depicts zombies in a graveyard, which in itself is not particularly original, but the style of the artwork is just so fresh and bright, which is a marked contrast from the typical dark, brooding cemetery image you see so often. The zombies stay far enough away in the perspective to make the picture less aggressive, giving it an almost child-like quality. I can see this illustration fitting in perfectly in a children's book on monsters or zombies.

enter image description here

Greg Chapman's other 2015 Halloween imagery can be found on his Facebook page and on his main website,darkscrybe.com, where you can browse his work for book covers, graphic novels and illustrations. Greg also appeared as a commenter in the ArtTalk series 2 where he made some excellent points about drawing and art making.

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