Jack'O'Ween by Tigerste

Oct 31, 2015 at 06:38 pm by -gToon

Jack'O'Ween by Tigerste

Renderosity member Tigerste created this awesome pumpkin scene for the Dreamlight3D Halloween contest entry. The composition of the scene is wonderful with a depth of field shot focusing on the illuminated pumpkin front and center and the background fading away.

Lighting is also superb. You can almost see the flicker of the candle inside the pumpkin and the edge lights bring out the shape beautifully. This is a composition that took a look of time as it's so detailed. I'd love to know more about how he rendered the scene.

Tigerste is a fine 3D artist as you can easily see from his gallery. The 3D characters are all very well posed and constructed. I'm hoping to bring you an interview with this talented artist in the future.

For now, Jack'O'Ween will have to be our Renderosity Magazine Happy Halloween to you all!

Visit Tigerste's Renderosity Gallery for more great 3D art works.

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