Ready to Leap by KrakenCMT

Oct 31, 2015 at 11:53 pm by -gToon

Ready To Leap by KrakenCMT

The Gallery of the Week for Nov 2, 2015, is the 3D Modeling gallery. There is some great work in this gallery as evinced by the 12 artists chosen for the GOW video. But there is one 3D scene that stands out from the rest: Ready to Leap by KrakenCMT. This is a masterful work full of energy. Not to mention the fact that the rendering is out of this world. You can almost see skin of the frog glisten with moisture.

The post of the frog is exactly right with just enough twist of the head to give the impression that the amphibian is aware of us watching and is, of course, ready to leap. Color is also remarkable. The texture work on this model is some of the best I've seen at renderosity. I wish KrakenCMT would conduct a master class just on texturing in this scene alone. According to the description below the image, KrakenCMT "Modeled/textured in ZBrush. Rendered in Lightwave." the scene.

KrakenCMT's gallery is full of this kind of excellent, detailed work. I urge you to visit. You won't be disappointed.

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