JUX 1.1 by rendrix

Nov 15, 2015 at 05:19 pm by -gToon

JUX 1.1 by renderix

Renderosity artist, rendrix created this eerie fractal image. The image is abstracted, of course, as all fractal art is, but there's something strangely sentient about this image. It almost appears that there is a central image with abstract or electronic eyes that are staring at the viewer.

Jux 1.1 reminds me a bit of the scene in Jeff Vandermeer's brilliant novel, Annihilation, where the explorers come across the "Crawler", as they call it, in a strange underground building. In the scene, the creature/thing is so alien as to appear abstracted visually, but there is odd sense of the thing being aware of the explorers.

I'm also very impressed with the colors and shapes as they play out in the "scene" of Jux 1.1. The gold and pale greens blending into blues are such a beautiful contrast. You get the sense that the colors and looped curves are a kind of "skin" for the beast. See, now I'm calling it a beast. Exactly what great art does, it gets your imagination going.

I'd love to know more about how this piece was made. There's a certain guided randomness in creating fractal art. It would be interesting to find out rendrix's working method for Lux 1.1.

I highly recommend visiting the rendrix gallery to see more of this talent artists' original and creative fractal imagery.

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