Train tracks in the evening by X-PaX

Nov 19, 2015 at 12:38 am by -gToon

Train tracks in the evening by X-PaX

Photography is well represented in the Renderosity galleries. There are so many excellent photographs that it's difficult to choose one for our Featured Image.

X-PaX's "Train Tracks in the evening" is a great example of what Renderosity artists can do in the Photography Gallery. It's got such a wonderful palette of colors and is framed so perfectly, that the image just sucks you into the moment the photographer clicked the button and took the picture. Photography, as I'm discovering in my own practice, is so much about seeing and recognizing poetry in the world around you as you live through the day moment by moment.

X-PaX's gallery is filled with the kind of seeing that makes him a great photographer. Whether it's mushrooms growing in the sun or a dragonfly on an old log, this artist has a poet's eye. "Train Tracks in the evening" is part of a theme of train tracks that run through his gallery photographs. I love this artists skill in shaping this photograph so that the phone wires parallel the train tracks right to the hot spot of the sunset. Drenched in hot shades of red and orange, you feel as if you are there in the country hiking along the tracks and simply look up to see the sun fading in the west. A masterful photo that maintains it's magic no matter how many times you look at it.

If you are interested in seeing more of X-PaX's work, be sure to visit the artists gallery at It's filled with equally striking and beautiful images.

X-PaX has a short bio at Renderosity which I reproduce here:

Hello Everybody

My name is Christian Weiß (AKA X-PaX) and I was born april 28th 1970 in Hamburg (Germany). I always like Computergrafics (CG) and during the time I've got some favorite programs such as Terragen, World Machine, Paint Shop Pro and some other.

If you want to see my work you're welcome to visit my Homepage WWW.3DSPOTS.DE (German content) I also like to photograph and so I decided to build a second homepage for this topic. So please feel also free to visit my photo gallery at → WWW.CWHP.DE (German content)

I'm very happy that I can show my work here at Renderosity and can share my knowledge with other artists.

Take care

Sections: Art Gallery

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