A World Under Water by Dochtersions

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A World Under Water by dochtersions

Fractal art is one of my favorite art forms at Renderosity. A no artist does it better that dochtersions. Her most recent creation is A World Under Water". Here's what she had to say about this piece:

It's hesitant, that I show you this fractal image, in which you get a glimpse, of what's growing, and always is in motion underwater. The aquatic plants make a musical dance, special for you.

There is so much to like in this image. The fact that it looks so natural as opposed to a computer-generated image is the first thing that impresses. But there is also a sense of motion in the fractal images. God knows how dochtersions managed to created this effect considering how much of fractal creation is improvisation. She's just gotten very, very good at knowing how to lay down the fractal elements to get just the right effect.

Another thing that I like a lot about A World Under Water is it's subtle color shading. The image looks almost like an illustration for a book or an event. The contrast of dark greens and browns add a sense of the earth and sea floor. It's just so beautifully done.

You really must see more of dochtersions work. Be sure to go to her gallery at Renderoisty. She's a wonderfully inspired artist.

dochtersions has a bio at Renderosity which I reproduce here:

Dochtersions: Hello everybody! Under the name "dochtersions" I started, at the suggestion of my dear husband, in sharing my photos, fractals, and also some paintings, and other 2D art here at Renderosity. That was in January of 2010. I still use my two owls as avatar, which is a reduced image of one of my oil paintings.

The name "dochtersions" came into my head as only one, when I was looking for a name for my blog that I started in 2007.

This name is not that strange, as I know that God is my real father and mother at the same time, and I know that God loves me more and deeper than a man can aware of (or at least Ithink this way)

I live in the South of The Netherlands together with my retired husband. I've had various occupations. In my last job, I was working as an assistant to a paediatrician and a rehabilitation specialist. When I had children, I graduated 'health awareness', and gave lectures on various topics, plus vegetarian cooking classes to teenagers.

My husband and I have together two daughters and four grandchildren. Which all live abroad, to be precise in Lacey (WA-USA) and Davos in Switzerland.

I've always been busy with all kinds of creativity. As a child I drew a lot, later pottery, needle art, tapestries, weaving, batik art, macramé, etc. Painting with oil was my lastgreat hobby.
Around about the year 2000 I started having unexplained physical symptoms as well as insomnia, which was later diagnosed as having PTSD. It turned out that I had repressed a traumatized youth. However, the physical symptoms made that I no longer could be busy with my passions, the real painting, and other activities (f.e. reading books, gardening, travelling), which I was doing without a limit.

What I can stay doing well in limited form, is playing music on my mandolin and my guitar, and also to enjoy/listen my favourite music, which is including the cantatas of JS Bach and his sons , f.e. also music from G.F. Handel, G.Ph. Telemann, a.s.o. This is also the kind of music that my husband (on its church organ) and I (on my mandolin) play together.

After being diagnosed with PTSD a lot changed and I was forced to look for alternatives in which I could express myself. That is, that for years I started writing, and poetry, which go quite intense and as a sort of automatic. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the English language is not sufficient enough, so I write in my mother tongue, with sometimes a few exceptions. The thoughts come to my mind right at unexpected moments, and it's wonderful, to surrendering to your train of thoughts.

In the encounter more and more of impossibilities, in connection with, f.e continuous pains, I learned to shift my gaze. Searching for distractions and alternatives, I learned to focus my happy mind on all the wonderful and admirable little things in the world around me.

My husband since 1968 Karel (kareldg on RR) bought a small pocket camera for me, and taught me to work with Fractal Explorer. Through my little Sony camera I learned to look differently, to see deeper; to see the details, the structure, how refined, and just so unique the small ones are in God's creation.

What is one of my daily tasks is trying to support people who suffer from PTSD, but they suffer more in an emotional way, and I can understand them and listen to their story (digital).They trust me.

All in all, I continue to look for improvement, while in the meantime trying to be light-hearted, happy and hopeful, to be open to everything that's coming my way.I enjoy art, stay in the nature, the outer man/woman in me, the love that I've been given, to realize this, and to be thankful for. Wherever I am happy with is that I am able to meet so many lovely people through RR. Unfortunately, only digital, but I'm also grateful.

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