A sea to suffer in - for Maddelirium by legolie

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A sea to suffer in - for Maddelirium by legolie

Legolie (love the variation of Legolas from the LOTR) is a gifted digital artist who specializes in portraits of strong, sensual women, usually in a fantasy context. The work in this artists gallery is suffused with color and detail. But nothing quite prepared me for A sea to suffer in - for Maddelirium which is a remarkable portrait and very deserving of our Featured Image here at Renderosity Magazine.

Legolie's comments on the image at Renderosity.com

Thank you very much for creating such an amazing character ! I love her !!!

Made with DS4 as that superb outfit is for Genesis and thanksfuly, it adapts easily to V4 but not in Poser ;-)

Using Maddelirium's model MDD Kinsu (beautifully done) and created/rendered in Daz Studio 4, Legolie has created an action pose that while still maintaining the mood and detail of previous work, adds an element of drama so that we aren't merely looking at a still pose, we are viewing a moving scene. A sea to suffer in is like a scene from so many great Hong Kong fantasy films. You wonder who this person is and what are they reacting to. This added element gives the scene a reality that is so essential to fantasy work.

Standing in a pool of blood with the wings of a demonic creature poking out, it seems as if we are looking on the ending of a fight with our heroine the victor. But there's a look on the characters face that is ambiguous. Could she be regretting her actions? These details bring out a great sense of reality to the scene that makes it a work of art.

I also love the sense of poise and flow in the heroines action pose: the hair not quite settled, flower petals still floating in the air. Dozens of scenes from Japanese and Hong Kong films come to mind. The image is just so rich with detail and color. I just love this image.

You really must see more of Legolie's work. Be sure to visit this talented artists gallery at Renderosity to experience the many beautiful works of art. And visit Legolie's Renderosity store where there are many imaginative and beautifully crafted works for sale.

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