blues... by Matthieu

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blues.. by Matthieu

After I got over the "everything has to be real" phase of my development as an artist, I started to think a lot about style. Although there are a lot of complex definitions of style in art, for me it comes down to style being simply "the unique way the artist chooses to shape their work". David Lynch's style is a lot different from R.Crumb's style of art. And style is often a collection of influences as well. What an artist admires in other arts; what books they read; the colors they prefer; even the historic period style (a la 40's, etc.) can be an influence on how the artist shapes their work.

Which brings me to blues... by Matthieu. I just love this work precisely because it is so stylish. Any number of ways to create a scene like this, but Matthieu gets those colors, lines and character just so. There's a bit of Mad Men in this image even with the head just a bit too big for the body. And the faint putty-like texture of the face, hair and hands add such a great sense of style to the image. The Willy-Loman-grin is winning as well.

Looking through Matthieu's Renderosity gallery you can see that this style is fairly consistent with all of his work. That cartoon-but-not-cartoon quality is unique. You get the sense that he's playing with the Disney style to get a grittier feel to his scenes. Matthieu is also a great craftsman. You can see it in the balance of his pictures and the color palettes. There are so many great works of art in his gallery, that it was hard to choose just one.

Be sure to stop by Matthieu's gallery for more striking pieces like blues...

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