before the last sun by Alex Coll

Jan 01, 2016 at 08:22 pm by -gToon

before the last sun by Alex Coll

Alex Coll is a modern collage artist with a lot of talent and imagination. His tumblr site features dozens of his often humorous work. I found his before the last sun to be most impressive. The combination of political point (farm laborers who are often exploited) and funny juxtuposition of surreal images (multiple suns, tiny landscape) are compelling and linger in the mind much like the great surrealist artworks do.

Alex's work is hand-made and have a simplicity (usually his work consists of only a few composite layers) which is refreshing. Often his work will feature a single figure contrasted against a strange, surreal landscape or environment. There's a big of Ionesco and Magritte in his work that I like a lot.

Be sure to visit Alex Coll's Facebook page, his Flickr site and his Vimeo page for more examples of this talented artists work. Below is a recent short collage film he created for the group Bag Raiders. Enjoy!

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