How did you become so passionate about art?

Sep 23, 2015 at 08:41 am by -gToon

For the most part, there is a reason behind every question. What is it about art that you love? Why did you want to become an artist? And, finally, how did you become so passionate about art? I decided to ask some Renderosity the last question to get their take on how they become so passionate about it. I'm never surprised when I ask these questions because it seems artists were just born with this gene.

"My aunt had a Masters in Art and taught art at the University of Maryland for a while, and all her visits involved finding things to make beautiful things with! I remembered her never going anywhere without her X-Acto knives. Since my parents worked in an office supply store, she was able to stock up on the art supplies they carried and got their employee discount! However, I was severely discouraged by my father who thought art was a waste of time that didn't put food on the table, and after a particularly unpleasant confrontation, I put it aside until I was married with a family, and he had passed! Then I found PSP, Poser, DAZ, and the rest and went a little crazy!"


"I was born this way."


"I've never known any other way to be"


"Art is my muse. She's passionate about me, not the other way around"


"I've loved art ever since I was big enough to pick up a crayon!!"


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