Sunrise Over Ice by BryceHoro

Jan 16, 2016 at 11:31 pm by -gToon

Sunrise Over Ice by BryceHoro

Created in Bryce (a wonderful application), BryceHoro does a superb job of giving the viewer chills while looking at his Sunrise Over Ice image. Not only is the scene he depicts convincing, but it has an immediacy (created primarily by excellent lighting) that puts you right in the middle of this desolate land of ice and rock.

With TE-Filters combined terrains, set to transparent with a high refraction index and PHT boosted specular. Light and reflections from the Illhorn HDRI oriented to match the HDRI sun with the Bryce sun. Two clouds from the Space Construction Kit (available at Daz). The morning sun shines on an iced mountainscape.
-BryceHoro comment on Sunrise Over Ice

Sunrise Over Ice has just a touch of fantasy to it (as several Renderosity members pointed out). It's like a Frank Frazetta landscape, but much more realistic. The creation of the frozen ice in the foreground is particularly successful. And the lighting (note the use of an HDRI to create realistic light). One almost expects a fantastic creature to go flying across the palid sky, or a troll to come climbing up the mountainside.

BryceHoro's gallery is filled with outstanding art works like Sunrise Over Ice. I highly recommend visiting and looking through this talented artists creations.

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