1950's Style Spaceship by Li-An

Jan 21, 2016 at 11:38 pm by -gToon

1950's Style Spaceship by Li-An

Li-An is an artist at Renderosity that I follow closely. Their gallery is filled with beautifully crafted models placed in scenes that are themselves works of art. Everything about Li-An is classy and professional. I could have easily chosen dozens of works from this very talented artists gallery for our Featured Image selection.

But something about the the model 1950's Style Spaceship really appealed to me. Perhaps it is because I'm a big fan of early science fiction, or perhaps I just love spaceships. Regardless, the model is gorgeous. I especially love the strange, insect-like style. The materials chosen are just right. That luminous metal look is perfect for the 50's look. I can see it in my minds eye with a star field behind it and a flame shooting out from the rear as it zooms through the galaxy.

Modeled in Maya (as are most of Li-An's models), the shapes are so well composed. Especially the odd bumps on the top (energy containers?) and the long, pontoon looking side panels. What a great model!

This is only one of many excellent digital art works by Li-An. Be sure to visit their gallery at Renderosity.com to see more.

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