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Nov 23, 2015 at 10:34 am by -gToon

While browsing in the photography section on Renderosity, I found this photo of 2 chairs. But, they didn't seem like "normal chairs." I knew there was a special meaning behind them, so I asked Renderosity member greybeard101 to explain a bit further.

My wife and I were taking a walk around the perimeter of the resort and from a distance I saw these chairs ahead. The light is a late afternoon light from the west that highlighted the chairs but still gave good light to the islands and mainland across the water. It was of some comfort to know that our home was just a few hours away and less than 50 road miles. I thought that their location, the viewpoint they afforded of the Strait of Georgia, the light and the serenity of the subject reflected our new lifestyle as a retired couple seeking aspects of life we couldn't enjoy while both working full time and raising children over the past 35 years or so. We always wanted an RV of some sort from the time we married, 41 years ago, but my wife's occupation as a Registered Nurse meant that she only got one weekend in six off, so buying even a tent was a waste of money. Of course even the weekends she was off were filled with ballet recitals, little league, soccer and more, so we resigned ourselves to waiting until her retirement then bought the biggest motor home we could afford.

The idea of relaxing in those chairs epitomized the feeling of contentment with our predominant choice of retirement activity in the early sunset of our lives. We had earned it and felt quite justified in claiming the chairs for ourselves even if it were only for an hour each day. As it turned out, we never saw anyone else use them while we were on our walks. Several the major Cruise Lines send their Alaskan-bound ships through there in the evening which adds some element of "the good life" as they slowly pass by in the dusk ablaze in twinkling lights. Like I mentioned above, one of the perks of being there was that we didn't have to drive for days or spend much money on fuel, so that made it all the more enjoyable.

When we eventually left, it was a 45-minute drive to the ferry, a 2-hour ferry ride with delightful scenery and a 45-minute drive from the ferry to home. That's the beauty of British Columbia. Vancouverites can hit the ski hills in the morning, be back in the city in half an hour and spend the rest of the day at the beach, topped off by a beach BBQ. Where we live in Langley, we can be in Vancouver to the west in 45 minutes to an hour, yet can be in historic Fort Langley and rural horse ranches to the east in less than 15 minutes.....or fishing for salmon, trout or even Sturgeon in 10.

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