RebelMommy's bun in the oven is her favorite 'Thanksgiving Turkey'

Dec 07, 2015 at 12:02 pm by -gToon

Renderosity member Rebelmommy

So, do you know the saying, "A picture paints a thousand words?"

Well, when I saw the pregnant photo "My Thanksgiving 'Turkey'" posted by Renderosity member rebelmommy, I knew it wasn't just simply a photo. Rather, I knew there was something more about it. So, I reached out and sought some information!

Honestly, other than me being thankful to be pregnant--we lost a pregnancy before this one--there really was no symbolism.

We were just grateful to be able to celebrate the beginnings of a new life this holiday season, and to perhaps show that with all of the hate and chaos in the world, that all human beings start the same, with no judgments, no prejudices, no hates, only love.

And, how did you feel taking this photo?

I felt amazing taking this picture! To me, all life is precious and I wanted to share this growing life and the love I have for it (and my growing belly!) with everyone.

What went through your mind while taking it?

When I took this picture there was (still is sadly) so much discord going on between my friends and family on social media about the current state of the world and recent events that I really wanted to share a joy with them that they could all relate to. I wanted everyone to be on the same side for just a brief moment and celebrate something wonderful. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to remind everyone that all life comes into the world knowing only love, and hope.

How many months are you?

We are currently just over 6 months into this pregnancy with only 12 more weeks to go, give or take, as they come when they are ready, not when we want them to!

Do you know what you're having?

We are adding another girl to our count this time around. So, 5 girls, 2 boys for those keeping track.

When did you lose your baby?

We lost a pregnancy in early May 2014. Even though it was a first-trimester loss, it was hard on the entire family, so of course we were cautious but excited when we found out about this baby. I think that is also part of the reason I wanted to share this growing life. Did you know they have a name for babies born after a loss (or losses)? They are called "rainbow babies" because they represent the reward of passing through the storm. I thought it fitting to share my growing "rainbow" which symbolizes hope for all. It seems the world could use a rainbow at the moment.

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