#DigitalLove A Match made in "Stormwind"

Oct 28, 2015 at 04:57 am by -gToon

I'm constantly learning about the power of love day in and day out. And, reading stories like this-- from Susan Justice (sveva)-- makes me understand love even more!

Where did you meet your husband?

In the fictional city of Stormwind, on the Deathwing server, he was a "tank" I was a "rogue/healer"... My guild was recruiting.

How did you establish a relationship via World of warcraft?

I was the guild leader of a guild and we had been named Mostly Harmless. This was before the first expansion for WoW "Burning Crusade," so we were still raiding old content. We were a rather new guild and we needed a good tank, so he responded, I invited, but he was on a different character. I later found out he had a tank, so we started getting some gear for the tank. And, I don't know I just kind of liked him, so I promoted him to raid leader/officer and I bought him a cherry pie from the pie vendor in Iron Forge.

Did you live in the same state when you met?

No, I lived in SC and he lived 2000 miles away in AZ!

How did you feel when you met him face-to-face?

He has long hair, and I thought he was pretty cute. We had already talked for over a year, and we met online in 2006. But, we didn't meet face to face until the week of New Years 2007. I brought one of the other officers/friends with me to the airport to pick him up. He thought we were going to pick up my sister, when Andrew got off the plane it was a surprise. We were all friends in game, but we had not met Andrew face to face until then. He's really quite funny actually. He's always joking and trying to get my attention by being funny and making me laugh. I think he lives for that.

What was it about him that drew you in?

He's pretty funny. One time some jerk in the guild asked how you quit a guild and so Andrew said something to the effect of "like this" and he kicked him out. He's a clown and I guess I like clowns. He also always followed me around, and he still does...

How long were you dating and how did he ask you to be his girlfriend?

We knew each there from late 2006 until late 2007 before I told him to make the trip out to meet. He was here for a week, but he had to go back and it was pretty sad actually because I didn't want him to leave. But, he had some loose ends to tie up, as did I and so he came back about a month later with only a back pack, and he hasn't left since.

We had a lot of things to work through in the beginning but eventually we made it and we were married in 2010 with only a justice of the peace at the kitchen table. So this November will be our 5th anniversary. He's a great step father and we also have a 4yr old together who is just adorable. We played WoW together for a long time after we met and still play once in a while but since then we have tried a lot of other online games, and other games that are not online. When we are not working, we are either playing video games together or if not together then we are playing the same game in the same home office. Our kids play lots of video games too, so we are quite the gaming family here! Right now we are playing the Witcher 3, and Fallout 4 will be out in less than a month!

We are pretty happy, but we have our moments and it took a while for everything to fall in place but it's been a great adventure and we are lucky to have found each other.

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