DRIFT by Lumo

Feb 27, 2016 at 10:46 pm by -gToon

DRIFT by Lumo

Renderosity artist, Lumo, joined the Renderosity community in 2002 and since then has posted dozens of luminous and mysterious art works. His style is original and compelling. None more so that a recent work titled DRIFT.

DRIFT is such an evocative work. It reminds me of one of Goya's "black" paintings: The Dog. Both images have a strange, almost uncanny quality to them. The main figures are either in the midst of dying or are caught in some sort of trap. Drift is a less horrific image since you could interpret the central female figure as being ecstatic and blissful. I'm not so sure though. And that's one of the things that is so compelling about DRIFT: it's ambiguity. All of Lumo's work depicts figures in ambiguous and strange situations.

The compositing that Lumo did with this image is masterful. I also like the almost bland colors used. It's like the female is slowly fading out (or in). The framing of the figure (cutting the frame in half), with the top part being lighter than the bottom, suggests a duality at work. The smooth nature of the skin which is like the liquid she is floating in, gives a feeling of dread.

I urge you to visit Lumo's gallery where you will see many more beautiful portraits that are compelling and beautiful.

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