"Morning Mist" by Renderosity member RetroDevil

Feb 26, 2016 at 12:04 pm by -gToon

The image labeled "Morning Mist" by Renderosity member RetroDevil caught my eye because it's not an image. Rather, it's a render that to me, looked like a photograph. I was pleasantly pleased when this member told me it was a "created render."

Please tell me the Backstory behind the image.
The image Morning Mist was created for a tutorial I wrote on setting up and using atmosphere in Iray renders. Adding atmosphere to renders often adds extra realism and can be difficult to implement until you understand the basic set up. It took me a while to figure out the basics and I thought I would share the information I had gathered to help others create this effect more easily.

What inspired you to make it?
I felt the best way to show off the effects of the atmosphere would be to use a forest setting. There are lots of layers in the geometry so you get a feeling of depth as your eyes move further into the scene and the leaves and branches above give a great example of god rays.

What does the image symbolize?
Another reason for using a forest setting was to highlight the natural aspect of fog and mist. I like to think the image, depicting the dawn of a new day, symbolises the dawn of a new idea or learning of a new skill through the tutorial which accompanied the image.

What is the meaning behind the image?
Personally I find art to be subjective. What I see in an image might be something different to what others see, so if my aim is to create something which is meant to convey emotion I try not to be too literal. As I mentioned I like to think of it as giving out a positive vibe but without the aspect of learning through the tutorial the image could just as easily feel oppressive or claustrophobic. I would like it if everyone took their own meaning away with them.

Why did you decide to make it?
There wasn't really one clear reason for creating the image. Often I start a project without a clear goal apart from maybe teaching myself something new that I can take into future projects. Several of my most popular images have grown from an experiment or just a practice exercise. This image emerged from several tests and experiments until I found I had enough information to be creative and produce an image which would garner up some sort of emotion in the viewer.

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