"Shell Game" by Renderosity member GhostBear1890

Feb 26, 2016 at 11:00 am by -gToon

This photo taken by Renderosity member GhostBear1890 has special meaning behind it. It's not just a photo to this member, it was part of their ancestry. You'll understand why it meant so much to them when reading the Q & A below:

Please tell me the backstory behind the photo.

My husband and I ride motorcycles and travel the Natchez Trace quite a bit since it's not far from where we live. One of our favorite places to stop is a small park on the north side of the Tennessee River across from what used to be Colbert Ferry in the 1800s. There is always something to photograph at this park...the river, marine traffic, wildlife and water birds, interesting people and things they left behind.

What inspired you to take it?

No one else was at the park and I didn't know how long before we stopped that someone had taken the time to collect the shells and arrange them on the picnic table. I liked the arrangement of the shells and the contrast against the weathered and moss covered picnic table.

What does this photo symbolize?

I am Native American and the river these shells came from was an important part of my ancestors' history. The Tennessee River is known in our culture as *The Singing River.* The river communicates with us and the shells are part of the song that is our history.

What is the meaning behind the photo?

Imagine your best photo ever

My culture used shells like this in many different ways, for decoration, for rattles, for trade, for money....for games. For me, the shells (and the photo) mean that, even today, our ancestors find a way to connect with us and let us know that our culture and history are still relevant....if we just take the time to look and find their message.

Why did you decide to take it?

I took the photo because I'm always looking for the unusual, unique, quirky, out of the ordinary things that most people don't see or choose to ignore. I try to see the beauty in everything around me and show it to others. This particular day I didn't use my camera (it was still in the saddlebag) but I had my cellphone in my hand. I'm glad I took the photo because it's one of my favorite photos out of the almost 80,000 I've taken since going digital.

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