"The Arrival"

Jan 28, 2016 at 10:19 am by -gToon

When I saw this cool image labeled "The Arrival" from Renderosity member Podcreature, I decided to ask a few more questions in order to learn more about it.

"The Arrival" is actually based on one of my most personal projects; a sci-fi graphic novel I plan to write and illustrate someday.

I think the best way to give the backstory on the image without going down the rabbit hole into my story's plot would be to state the things I postulated to myself when coming up with the core concept: "what if [some] gods were just organisms? What if there were quantum-based organisms living in the universe that could BE planets?"

Inspiration: I am a visual person. As much as I aspire to write and publish, I must illustrate and sketch my ideas as I develop them. By visually bonding with the faces of my worlds and characters, my motivation and inspiration become firmly established on a project.

There is some symbolism going on here. Yggdrassil, the Tree of Life in Norse mythology, has 9 branches, and this life-form has 9 "appendages."

What is actually happening in the image? I wanted to give it an ominous quality. This behemoth of a "baby world" is new, just entering the solar system it will call home until it's final life stages. In the distance, a small blue planet like Earth glitters, it's fate uncertain as this giant approaches. Such is the drama of evolution and the cycle of life - just on a macro scale, in this case. Phyla - my nickname for this "baby world" - has yet to form oceans. All the water it contains frozen under it's "skin." The side that faces the sun is just beginning to form clouds, as it heats up and perspires.

School was half of why I decided to actually render this. But, my muse was getting itchy to do some concept art for my story, so I killed two birds with one stone for my Fundamentals of Design homework.

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