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When looking for eye-catching and intriguing images, I found this one labeled "Bikes." It seems like an ordinary photo of 3 bikes, but I knew it symbolized more than that. My first thought was a family affair. A family spending time with each other and wanting to be adventurous. But, before I made any assumptions, I decided to ask Renderosity member Prutzworks the true meaning behind this image.

Every Sunday-- depending on the weather-- my wife and me go out for a stroll. We are living next to a national park, so I take always my camera with me because I like to make landscape photos.

What inspired you to take it?

We were sitting at a picnic bench when there was a dad with two young children storing their bikes just nearby we where sitting. Dad was on a lady's bike with a children's seat so I wonder where was the mom with the third child and why was the dad riding a ladysbike.

And I like the combination of the bikes; an adult ladysbike and a boy and a girls bike. I like the composition and colors of this setting.

What does this photo symbolize?

My first thought was; generations/ family life depicted by bikes.

What is the meaning maybe working behind the photo?

For me this setting told a (family) story.

Why did you decide to take it?

My second thought was to make a kind not of out the box 'streetphotography' in nature.

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