"Late Afternoon"

Dec 14, 2015 at 10:40 am by -gToon

I'm a huge fan of sunsets and sunrises, particularly by the beach. So, when I saw this sunset in a field, I became attached and inquired to Renderosity member Hendesse about it a bit further.

"I wanted to show with this picture that agriculture not only consists of boring monoculture. Some farmers here leave standing unprocessed green strips between their fields, birds and insects find refuge there," says Hendesse. "This is also a kind of environmental protection. The mood in the photo was created by the time of day at which I took it."

I went further on to ask a few more questions.

What inspired you to take it?

Primarily, I was inspired by the light and the subject, and the two old wooden cottages. It was the so-called "Golden Hour," the hour before sunset. By this light, the picture receives better structures and depth than in the midday sun when the light is much harder. It's my favorite time to take photographs because there is enough light to take the picture without a tripod or flash.

What does this photo symbolize?

The photo shows the mood of the moment, a moment of calm and peace. Although the city with its hustle and bustle is not far away, there are such places, you must seek only.

What is the meaning behind the photo?

Another aspect, which I wanted to show here is that there are reasonable farmers which let stand green unprocessed stripes between their fields, where birds and insects find shelter. This is an important aspect to protect and preserve the environment, because there are very many monocultures.

Why did you decided to take it?

I make my photos always quite spontaneously. When I think, subject and light are okay then I press the shutter button, often several times. Later at home on my PC, I decide which photo has succeeded best. Here the image segmentation, the exposure and the sharpness of the photo are most important for me.

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