What is the "Infinity Dock?"

Nov 27, 2015 at 04:52 pm by -gToon

When I see a beautiful image, I need to hear the details about it. Like, for instance, why was it taken? Where was it taken? So, when I saw Renderosity member beachzz's photo, I asked her the meaning behind me and I got just that!

My son used to live in Truckee, California, right across the road from Donner (yes, that Donner!!) Lake. I visited him often and spent a lot of time walking the shores of the lake. There are many of these public docks and one day I took off on my bike for a ride around the water. I was struck at one point by one dock; there was no one on it and I grabbed my camera and voila!!! "Infinity Dock"!! Simple as that.

I've also been at the lake when the edges along the shore were frozen, saw my dog learn how to ice skate when she slipped and slid!!

Truckee is one of my most favorite places, and I've posted many other photos of the area.

There's no real meaning, other than the mere vision.

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