What does "The Lane" Mean?

Nov 11, 2015 at 02:29 am by -gToon

I decided to browse through the Photography gallery and I came across an image titled, "The Lane." I was really partial to it, so I reached out to member iaacf to get more information about it.

The backstory of the photo.

That's an easy one. I was walking through a wood with my wife. The sunlight increasingly got more interesting in terms of color and in terms of angle to the ground (longer shadows) when I found this lane. The atmosphere was fantastic and so was this lane with many, many lines pointing to the back ground. I must say that I am a bit obsessed by lanes like this: they always make a great opportunity for pictures like this, especially in autumn.

What inspired me to take the picture?

The beautiful light conditions and the scene as a whole.

What is the meaning behind the photo?

Nothing special really. My main purpose of taking pictures of scenes like this is to show their beauty. I always was, I am and I always will be astonished by the beauty of nature and I like to capture that beauty as best as I can.

Why did I decide to take it?

Well, that definitely was the beautiful sunlight as well as the rhythm of the trees and the wood piles, going from very close to the one who watches this photo to very far in the distance.

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