The Special Meaning Behind "She Will Always Be My Mommy"

Oct 23, 2015 at 07:52 am by -gToon

When I saw this photo Renderosity member shayhurs took this picture of her daughter and doggie, I had to inquire more about it!

Please tell me the backstory behind the photo.

About two years ago now, Abby (in pic) lost her two-bed buddies.

Harley (cancer) and Taz (21.5 years) within 10 days of each other. We have rescues (currently four) and they will sometimes sleep with us or Abby, but she felt the two we had at the time were more "ours" and not "hers".

So she started looking and ran across Jenny on the Wenatchee Animal rescue website. Jenny, who is an American English Coonhound, was born deaf and was found dumped out in the Wenatchee National Forest at about five months old (she is coming up on two years old now).

What inspired you to take it?

I actually was watching the news in the Family Room (not where I normally do) and Abby had come home from work and was going to start on her homework (she's taking on-line college classes). Our "floppy girl" as we call Jenny, wanted Mommy time and the next thing you know, they were curled up and schoolwork was on hold.

What does the happy couple symbolize?

It really symbolizes the special bond between pets and owners--especially a rescued pet. Pets who are rescues KNOW how lucky they are.

What is the meaning behind the photo?

Abby has had a challenging life so far. We nearly lost her about five years ago to a severe bacterial infection called HUS. As a result, she has a damaged kidney and developed a blood pressure problem. When she lost Taz and Harley, her blood pressure spiked to dangerous levels that even medication was struggling to bring back down. After Jenny, the blood pressure has dropped back into more normal ranges and rarely kicks up any more.

Why did you decided to take it?

Spurn of the moment; I had my smartphone on me and took the pic with it.

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