Into battle by xleper2001

Apr 13, 2017 at 12:36 pm by -gToon

Into battle by xleper2001

I really like xleper2001's work. This artist's gallery at Renderosity is filled with moody characters with washes of color surrounding them. And the characters are composites of epic female heroes who seem uncomfortable in their roles. They almost glare out at the viewer when they aren't portrayed in mid-action. And the feeling of movement in xleper2001's work is palpable.

Into Battle is a perfect example. I love the strong portrayal of movement and energy in the image. The explosive dust and rocks around the main animal figure adds to the kinetic energy moving from left to right. As usual, great art tells a story. Who is this warrior woman fighting? She seems just on the verge of attacking her foe. The positioning of the characters arms are just right. In total, it's a compelling depiction of a bold warrior moving into a chaotic battle.

Please visit xleper2001's gallery at for more wonderful work. I highly recommend this artist.

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