"Chuck's Day Off"

Dec 22, 2015 at 05:28 pm by Warlord720

I am a dog person, so when I saw the photo labeled "Chuck's Day Off," I knew I had to find out more about this adorable pooch. So, I asked Renderosity member webmaster421 to provide me with some background on the image.

Why did you decide to take it?

I am a self-confessed amateur photographer and I will sometimes take photos for friends just for fun. A newlywed couple--who are friends of mine--had just bought their first house. It was a very exciting time for them and I wanted to help them to save the memory by spending a few hours 'recording' what I saw as they had other family members and friends drop by for a tour of their new home. Adding Chuck and Lola, their other dog, was as natural as taking photos of the people there. The dogs seemed to know this was their new home and yard and they were as excited as everyone else there. So I wanted to capture that excitement. Not as easy as I had hoped...

What inspired you to take it?

I know that to my friends, their dogs, Chuck and Lola, are like their children. They take the best care of them and they are family to them so naturally I knew I needed to include photos of Chuck and Lola's reaction to their new home too. Lola is a beautiful petite little girl--who is pretty laid back but Chuck--being a Boston Terrier teenager at the time, was a wild child. And his enthusiasm with the new backyard infected Lola to the point that she also became highly rambunctious. So getting photos proved rather difficult to say the least. Chuck has endless expressions and character and he was fun to try to take photos of. He had one resting moment long enough for me to get the "one" photo, but then it was over. He was done modeling for me.

What is the meaning behind the photo?

The meaning would be that besides through the eyes of children, you can also see a new world through the eyes of a young dog. Animals can show us our world from their view, from their emotions and sense of play, and from their love.

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