"Across the street"

Dec 22, 2015 at 05:01 pm by Warlord720

So, when I saw the photo labeled "Across the street," it caught my eye because it was brightly-colored and absolutely beautiful! I decided to chat with Renderosity member photosynthesis to find out the background on this amazing photo!

What inspired you to take it?

Although there is beauty to be found in every season, I consider autumn to be the most appealing for photographers. I live in southern Oregon, where the autumn colors, while not quite as spectacular or overwhelming as what I've experienced in New England on a few occasions, are nevertheless beautiful. I take lots of photos of trees, leaves & landscapes at this time of year & usually look for a simple, natural setting without a lot of distractions. For about a week, though, what I found myself looking at repeatedly was a tree in front of a fence right across the street from my house. I would notice this tree every time I left the house for a walk or pulling out of the driveway in my car & it changed a little each day, both in the color of its leaves & the number of leaves that had floated down to the ground. I thought briefly about taking a photo of it each time, but was always either in a hurry to get somewhere or was distracted by another thought. Finally, one day I looked at it & thought that I better take a photo before the next wind or rain storm stripped it bare. And so here it is.

What does this photo symbolize?

I don't ever consciously think about photography in terms of symbolism. What I do with my camera is look for visually appealing images wherever I happen to be. I have been creating art all my life & tend to focus primarily on color & composition, but in a very instinctual & non-analytic way. That being said, I can--after the fact-- point out two major themes in this photo:

The first is change & transition. Leaves, which are green most of the year, have turned bright yellow here & many of them have fallen to the ground in piles. The fence, as well, has a weathered look. So, though this is a still photo that freezes a moment in time, its elements imply the passage of time & the changes that occur during that time.

The second theme that I see here is the contrast between soft, natural, organic forms (tree & leaves) & the hard-edged, geometric forms of man-made objects (fence). I've always found myself attracted to the visual dynamics of that kind of contrast & return to it again & again, though very often unconsciously. Things like a solitary house on the coast, a piece of rusted machinery in a forest, a network of vines on a stucco wall, etc. have always had a great visual appeal to me. Maybe there's some deep psychological or philosophical reason for that, or maybe it's simply the way my brain is wired...

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