Telling a story with image "132"

Oct 26, 2015 at 07:38 pm by Warlord720

By reading my articles, you already know I'm a hopeless romantic. Not to mention, I had said that in one of my previous articles. So, it's no surprise that when I found image "132," I had to reach out to Renderosity member MGTF to find out more!

The title is just in a numbered sequence as I post so it was posted after 131 and before 133. My intention is to not give a title due to my previous attempts that sounded pretentious. I hope people look at the images and form their own opinion. If they like them or get some feeling without any prompting, then I feel I have been successful.

I am now 69 and have been retired for 9 years and the free time allows me to go about my daily routine time in a relaxed way. I always carry my camera no matter how mundane the things I have to do on that particular day. The camera is around my neck, switched on ready for whatever presents itself.

132 was an image that was right in front of me when I walked around the street corner, so I raised the camera and made two exposures in a reflex action and walked on. I doubt the couple was aware of my presence! Just my opinion, but it looked as if the couple were on the point of parting to go back to their respective workplaces after a lunchtime meet. There was no advance planning or thinking that I may capture a ' street ' type photo.

I could just as easily found an abstract type subject in that location--as mentioned I am not project driven--I travel around my home town etc keeping my eye open for anything that I consider will make an interesting image. It is just a form of observation. There isn't a lot of deep thought behind the images because I was not looking for anything in particular. They are just situations that present themselves to me and my skill is being ready to capture these images.

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