What Do You Love About 3D Art?

Sep 15, 2015 at 10:23 pm by Warlord720

I often ask the question, "what do you most love about 3D art?" and I'm given various answers. It could be having the ability to do what you're most passionate about in life, painting or designing what you want whenever you want and how you want.

At times, it can be a difficult question to answer since people love different aspects of art. All in all, most artists are sensitive and passionate about art and their love is explained through their portraits, paintings, 3d models and figures. But, in order to get a true artist's opinion, I decided to reach out to a few Renderosity members and ask them what it is about 3D art that they love the most.

"The best thing that happened at least for me is somewhere I can express myself, somewhere I feel very comfortable and really enjoy it. Also, I admire 3D artists because they're great!! And also I spend a lot of hours on Rendo watching the beautiful art of the other vendors and wish to work someday like they do right now."


"What do I love about 3d art? The Freedom it allows me to create what is in my head and also the ability to express oneself in ways that you can't in life. 3d art has helped me though major rough times and even now that I'm facing more bad times, it's given me the avenue to just immerse myself into this world where there are no limits, no rules and no time. 3d Art started as a hobby for me, but now it's more of a need, an outlet to be creative without bounds."
-- Belladzines

"I love creating 3D art, see something taking shape from nothing. It is a way to give life to my dreams, I travel in my 3d. It is a connection between my mind and the computer. I put my passion for art in my work. I realize with my 3D creations."

"I can make beautiful art even though I cannot draw or paint!"
-- themomster0

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