50 Min of Tips & Tricks in Cinema 4D with Chris Schmidt

Jun 08, 2017 at 12:39 pm by nemirc

Chris Schmidt from Greyscalegorilla revisits his much requested subject Quick CINEMA 4D Tips and Tricks" with another 50 minutes of a little known features of C4D and tips for speeding up workflow.

Learn tricks to clean up points and polygons fast, drive clones with Effectors after dynamics, get more randomness from your Cloners, and so much more.

01:06 Super Poly Clean

04:38 Separate Segments

06:30 Volumetric Detail

08:11 Interface Modes

10:29 When in Doubt ...

12:45 Time Falloff

16:07 Texture Preview

18:23 Cloner Blend

23:33 Quick Draw Splines

25:39 Xpresson Copy / Paste

29:30 Effectors Post Dynamics

33:18 Displace Deformer

37:23 Re-Effector Erase

41:21 Executions

43:32 Fast Placement

48:55 Softbody and Forces

54:45 Gradients

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