I can't even draw so how can I use Poser?

Jul 04, 2016 at 07:52 pm by mhaase75

Can I get value out of Poser when I can't even draw?

That's the question I asked myself when I first stumbled across Poser and for good reason. I wanted to create digital art but I am useless as an artist. Hold a gun to my head and tell me to "draw or else" and I'll make my peace with God while I wait for the bullet. The good Lord gave me many talents but drawing simply is not one of them.

That's the way it is for a lot of people, I suspect. We can't draw to save our lives yet the passion to create art thrives inside us. I wanted to create art but I clearly lacked the talent to do so.

Then I discovered Poser.

Not only could I create any image I wanted, I could do it relatively painlessly! In fact, the single hardest part of creating images with Poser for me has absolutely nothing to do with Poser at all. It has to do with what happens before I open Poser.

It has to do with story.

As a writer, I found that paradox awfully amusing yet it made total sense. Every image starts with a story. What emotion will you convey to the viewer? What happens? Are your characters pleased about that? What will viewers take away from the image you create?


I've collected lots of amazing Poser content. The vast majority of it, I'm ashamed to admit, collects digital dust on my hard drive for one simple reason. I haven't a clue what story I want to tell using that content.

We wade through the amazing content available at Renderosity.com and the possibilities are truly endless. Where do you even start you may ask yourself as I did so many times. Overwhelming may even be a fair description, right?

Start with story. What do you want to say? For that is the purpose of art ultimately, isn't it? To say something to the viewer, to express an idea in a way he or she has not considered before?

Of course it is! All art starts with a story even if the artist doesn't want to admit it.

If you are a new Poser user struggling to decide what you want to create step away from Poser for a few minutes and open up your word processor instead. Write down your thoughts.

What time of day is it? Indoor or out? Who is there and what are they doing? What do your characters wear? What do you want to say with this piece of art?

All of these questions leads you to be specific about the image you will create and ultimately make your image better.

It all starts with story.

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