Community favorite Godin returns to Renderosity

Dec 12, 2017 at 10:02 am by SchelleFire

Several long-time vendors have begun to contribute again in the Renderosity community in recent months after brief hiatuses and none were more welcomed than Godin.

The community was so happy to see her upload new products to her expansive store, they voted her Vendor of the Month in November.

Godin's Renderosity store features more than 150 beautiful and detailed 3D figure assets and 3D models for Poser and DAZ Studio. She has also created inspiring and affordable jewelry collections, lip resources and alluring characters.

Godin, who is known in real life as Valery Godin, started creating digital art in 2008 when she was searching for a way to make better traditional art.

"I have always been creative. I started drawing and sculpting at a very early age," she said from her home in the Netherlands. "I found this 3D world because I was looking for a program wherein I could pose figures and look at them from all angles for use of my sculptings. I found DAZ Studio via a weblink in a magazine and that was just what I needed. The minute I started to work with DAZ Studio, I was hooked."

Godin made the switch from sculpting to digital art after an injury to her neck left her unable to "sit in a position while bending my neck for a while and with making digital art that is not so much a problem as when sculpting with the hands," she said, adding she came to like sculpting digitally more.

She would use clay to make "little fairies, mermaids, wizards, little babies dolls and creatures such as gnomes trolls and mushrooms with faces and hands," she said.

"When I used to sculpt with my hands I loved the feel of the clay in my hand kneading it and being able to make something from a scratch and give it a shape like you want," Godin said, comparing it to magic.

"I guess I replaced sculpting with my hands for Digital Sculpting now (morphing and modeling)," she said.

Since finding DAZ, she has expanded her skill set with Modo, ZBrush, Mari and Photoshop.

In her Vendor of the Month interview, Godin explained she used DAZ Studio 4.9 to do the basic design for the above image. She then rendered with Iray using lights by Fabiana. She also uses lights by Colm, dimensiontheory and Sveva. Once it was exported, she did postwork in Photoshop.

She said she used a similar process to create her character GDN River for Genesis 8 Female.

While she enjoys creating clothes, props and skins, Godin loves creating female characters with a "gentle-looking appearance," she said.

While GDN River fits that description perfectly, Godin refused to name a favorite character.

"I cannot choose or pick a few only because all of my characters are my favorites," she said. "Within each of them, I poured my love and hard work. For this reason, it makes it difficult to pick only a few because I love them all."

She said she draws inspiration from all around her: movies, TV shows, talking with friends, nature and the Internet.

"It is a joy to be creative and it gives me feelings of inner calmed and peace while creating, for me it is sort of like a meditation while working on a project," she said.

Michelle Willard, Editor of Renderosity Magazine | Former newspaper reporter. Recovering archaeologist. Political nerd. True crime junkie. Read her articles here

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