Renderosity vendor biala makes art from science

Nov 21, 2017 at 11:02 am by SchelleFire

Top seller biala sells mostly 2D graphics, like PS brushes and backgrounds, and a handful of figure clothing and props for the Renderosity community.

biala's venture into 3D modeling and 2D design came from a need for illustrations in biala's job as an animal geneticist in Poland.

biala answered a few questions about how art and science complement each other.

How long have you been creating digital art and why did you start?

biala: It's hard to say, maybe about 10-15 years ago. I needed regular illustrations for my job and university education.

What is your favorite software to create with?

biala: Photoshop, Sculptris and C4D

What inspires your creations?

biala: That is the part I have no idea. I see bread; I create a molecular suit. I see frog; I create an old map. Maybe madness is a proper word :) because I can't find better.

What is your favorite thing to design?

biala: No limits - all/anything that is interesting for me somehow.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

biala: I am not a real graphic designer. I never learned that officially I am a scientist (Ph.D., field: animal genetics)

Wow, a doctorate in animal genetics? What brought you to Renderosity? And how has Renderosity been for you both as an artist?

biala: What brought me was cleaning up my comps to be honest. I didn't know what to do with old stuff I don't need anymore.

I decided to share them with other people rather than just throw away, so I try regularly pack them for sale in my free time. I wish I could have more time for doing this but it is as it is and I am doing my best. RMP for me is awesome.

Find more of biala's creations here.

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