Featured Artist - Photography aksirp (Priska Kern)

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Featured Artist - aksirp

Priska Kern, aka aksirp, is a self-taught photography with an amazing gallery of images at Renderosity.com. She has been posting to her gallery since 2009. Living in Switzerland inspires her to observe and react to the extraordinary natural life around her. Her photographs have a beauty and a sense of wonder to them that only comes from a poets eye.

Priska took time to talk with us about her photographs and working methods. Thanks to you, Priska, for taking the time and for being so responsive to our questions. And thanks for the wonderful photographs you create.

Make sure you watch the video (below) to see examples of the kind of work Priska does. Also visit her gallery at Renderosity.com where there you can see some of the many remarkable images she has created.

Interview with aksirp

Renderosity Magazine: Tell us a little about your background: where do you live and what kind of work do you do? Are you a professional photographer?

aksirp: I am Priska Kern, born 1958, living in Switzerland, Altenrhein (population about 600) I am working half time at a little Airport. The rest of time I spend with family, (my husband Robby, our girls (mature now) of course housekeeping, cooking, garden and photography. My professional background was a nurse for many years and I am not a professional photographer.

-mew in flight by aksirp

Speaking of photography, how did you discover your passion for taking pictures?

aksirp: Since young years I wanted to do something with art and I was always full of admiration for photography, I loved especially the b/w art pictures - very late I found the way to the digital photography with my first digital camera was a second hand Nikon D50. That was 2009.

First I wanted to do some nice cards and I wanted to create a calendar.... with first results I started to show my pictures on Renderosity 2009 - 2015, after a break I came back to RS at 2017. With Nikon D 7000 I get better results ( 2012) and last year I get a brand new Sony Alpha RMII from Robby! Since about 7 years I do every year a new Panorama Calendar for us and friends.

-pumpkins by asksirp

One reason I wanted to talk with you was the incredible eye for detail you have in your photographs. Tell us about your process for taking photos.

aksirp: All I learned about photography I did autodidactic - and by reading the f...ing manual...!! :-no university studies or background...I needed to learn because first I was not content with my pictures...

My process for taking pictures: first I need time for my self, mostly I go with camera and bicycle out in the natural for 1 or 2 hours.I don't like to have people waiting while I want do some pictures. I am a visual person, seeing so many things, beautiful or fun, animal or landscape...so when I see something as a picture I do most 3 or 4 pictures, and take the best after visualizing on the pc.

Do you do much post-production on your photos?

aksirp: For the post-production I do it with Lightroom 6.1.1 and mostly if a picture is good I have to do almost nothing, but after many years I know how to turn a not perfect in a better one ;-) The first I do is looking if there are no "falling" lines, if nothing disturb the picture, I look for lighting, contrasts, saturation and it works better in b/w or not. For fun, I do sometimes little Photo Manipulation.

-first little snow by asksirp

Who are some of the photographers you admire?

aksirp: For other photographers here on Renderosity I was very impressed about "danob" he is no more posting now but I learned many about animal photography and quality! I always liked the pictures of "awjay" because of his style and "auntietk" because of here wonderful lighting... two other photographers I like very much are from switzerland to, but I don't know both personally, never meet them, I found wonderful pictures on NatGeo your shot... its Alessandra Meniconzi and Daisy Gilardine..

Anything you'd like to add before we close the interview?

aksirp: So, not all about me but pretty much :-) .. I hope you understand and please correct if needed... and for last, yes thank you so much and thank to all friends on Renderosity - because of you I learned so much about photography and write and understand some english!

Overview with fog by aksirp

Be sure to visit aksirp's personal website: http://www.4kern.ch/ and her Renderosity gallery.

priska kern

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