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Nov 07, 2017 at 01:02 pm by SchelleFire

Hungarian vendor Mousso may not have been Renderosity's 2017 Rookie Vendor of the year if it weren't for the help of her friend Joanna, who traded under the username Studio Art Vartanian.

"I started out in 2007 when Joanna (Studiovartanian) showed me some of her renders. I was awed and not long after I bought Poser 5 and Daz Studio and thought I will make beautiful art with a press of a button," Mousso said.

But, as modelers know, it took her a few years to learn the software and finally produce something she thought was good enough to sell.

"Looking back I remember my first render was awful but at the time I thought it was a Boris Vallejo masterpiece," Mousso said about the artist who most inspires her point of view.

Vallejo works in fantasy and erotica genres with muscled male and female barbarians, sword and sorcery images, and fantastic monsters as his primary subjects.

"It's realistic but still looks like a colorful painting. I got my first Vallejo book when I was around 15 and still have it," she said.

Tribute to Joanna by mousso

While Vallejo inspires her subject matter, beloved Renderosity vendor Studio Art Vartanian was Mousso's mentor.

Joanna was one of the most active, most significant members of the Renderosity community until her untimely death in July 2016.

"Her work ethic and friendliness earned her many awards and friendships over the years," said Jenn Blake, marketplace manager for Renderosity. "Her superb workmanship was only matched by her generosity, as she often shared her talents for free and gladly mentored new artists."

A classically trained artist, Joanna's talent was evident in her creations and she willingly shared her skills with others.

"She taught me many things especially how to use lights and shaders (Poser) and urged me to become a vendor for years," Mousso said. "But, at the time, I didn't have the self-confidence to sell my creations. I wish I listened to her sooner. It would have been a joy to work with her."

It wasn't until 2016 and she needed the extra income that Mousso made the jump and submitted her first products, characters for DAZ Studio's Genesis 3 females.

Mousso said her favorite thing to model is "pretty women. But I always wanted to learn how to model hair. I already looked into it but its difficult. I gave up at the cap."

In the short time she has been selling on Renderosity, Mousso has created 36 characters for Genesis 3, Genesis 8, and Poser's Victoria 7.

To see more from Mousso, visit her store on Renderosity.

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