Curiosity led 3D artist to create new line of characters

Oct 16, 2017 at 01:17 pm by SchelleFire

An offhand comment inspired Renderosity vendor 3DLoki to create a new series of child characters.

Loki created a set of adult characters and someone suggested one, named Paige, "would have been a cute kid," he said.

"So I set out to turn her into a child. The results floored me," said Loki from his home in northern Michigan.

The results were so good he brought his "Little" series to Renderosity. So far he has released four characters for DAZ Studio with more planned.

Loki took some time from designing and explained his inspirations and plans for future products.

How long have you been creating digital art and why did you start?
Loki: I've done graphic designs since I was a teen. In the late '90s, I was hired by a record company to create a cartoon version of one of their artists. I stumbled upon Poser 3 and fell in love with the software instantly.

What is your favorite thing to design?
Loki: Ever since I got into Poser 3, I've made my own textures, so I think that would have to be my all-time favorite, as of writing this I'm not able to create my own clothing so I have always loved that I can take existing clothing and give them my own looks and styles. With that said though, this year I finally learned how to make my own commercial characters and that is quickly becoming my favorite thing to design!

Tell me about the characters you've released at Renderosity.
Loki: My first three products Lil Paige, Lil Kendra, and Lil Star are actually modified versions of my very first three adult characters, which are sold elsewhere.

Honestly, it started as a total fluke. There were comments that Paige would have been a cute kid so I set out to turn her into a child. The results floored me and as I've been wanting to sell with Renderosity for many years prior. I decided why not turn my first three ladies into "Littles."

For a bit more detail, I did a bit of a write-up and created a backstory for all three when I first created their adult versions. Then I modified them for the child versions. That information and story are how I based the overall character design as well as all promo images.

Lil Paige is the girl next door-type girl, nice and friendly, happy to help anyone she can.

Lil Kendra is the endless summer girl. Born and raised near the ocean, she loves swimming and being on the beach.

Lil Star loves to play dress up and pretend. She's a little red firecracker with a bit of a short fuse.

Those three also all share a "toon style." Lil Syn, which was released at Renderosity last week, is my first realistic type of character as opposed to the "toon style" the other three characters are. Actually Lil Syn is a child version of my fourth adult character that got shelved for a bit. So her child version will release before her adult version does and, in all honesty, she MAY be the only version released.

What inspires your creations?
Loki: Insomnia. It seems my best stuff comes while I'm laying around not able to fall asleep. Honestly, though that is a really hard question to answer. I guess it just depends on what I'm making at the time. In the beginning, I created mostly to client specs. Most were really boring, bland-type stuff. In my own time, I wanted to be the 3D version of Frank Frazetta or Boris Vallejo (Has yet to happen)

With my adult characters, which are sold elsewhere, I really just wanted to make something "real." I had grown tired of seeing "perfect" men and women over the years in 3D so I set out to give each character some sorts of imperfections.

What kinds of imperfections do you add to your characters?
Loki: That applied to the adult versions and not my "Littles." But, for example, asymmetrical breasts are a common thing for me to add, especially on Paige. Moles and sun- and age-spots are on one of Kendra's four skinsets. And I honestly can't remember what Star was given outside of tattoos (NOT saying Tatts are imperfections LOL)

My big thing was to give each girl a "hook," something that made her more "real" and not so plastic. Real people are not perfect and have flaws, some visible and some not.

Why did you want to sell on Renderosity?
Loki: I think the better question is "Why did it take me so long to start selling on Renderosity?"

It was actually over two years ago when I first contacted vendor support about becoming a vendor. But a few things kept "scaring me" from just submitting a product. I always have a hard time knowing if the stuff I make is actually good or commercially viable. So I tend to overthink or second guess myself more than I really should.

I've made texture add-ons for years, and have sold at other marketplaces for about four years now. But it wasn't until I finally started making my own characters that I felt I was "good enough" to sell here.

Some of the reasons I wanted to sell here though are many of the artists and vendors I follow sell there. And I wanted the chance to collaborate with some of them on future projects I have in mind and get more feedback on how to improve my products.

What releases do you have planned for the future?
Loki: Currently I have a number of projects in the works that are in diff stages of development:

"Back To School" add-on for RPublishing's Fad Bags that should be submitted for testing soon.

"Lil Seasons" are a series of four themed seasonal child and teen characters "Lil Winter" "Lil April" "Lil Summer" and "Lil Autumn." Lil Winter is almost done and should be heading to my beta testers by next weekend.

I am also working on add-ons for outoftouch's Ruffle Top for Genesis 8 Females and Hot Dream Top and Panties for G3 and V7 by hameleon and santuziy78.

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