Renderosity vendor discusses 'Photoshop addiction'

Sep 05, 2017 at 02:01 pm by SchelleFire

Self-proclaimed "Photoshop addict" Peggy creates products for her Renderosity store, P3D-Art, from her home in the Netherlands.

P3D-Art joined the Renderosity community about a decade ago and was inspired by the art created by others. It was through the community's support that she grew her hobby into a store.

"I got more confidence with the software and developed my skills through the next years enough to release my first product in 2009," Peggy said.

Now she creates figure assets for Poser and DAZ for fantasy, sci-fi and gothic characters, mostly with several other genres represented, "to inspire the users."

Peggy shared some of what inspires her.

How long have you been designing and why did you start?
P3D-Art: Being a Photoshop addict for very long time it was an obvious next step for me to enter the 3D-world. For me, it's the perfect way to push myself to a next level. It's the part that gives my art that extra dimension.

I became a Renderosity member in 2007 as a humble newbie looking around admiring the amazing creations by others. I met quite some wonderful people that taught, supported and showed me the way. I got more confidence with the software and developed my skills through the next years enough to release my first product in 2009.

Still learning everyday to get where I want to be someday ...

What inspires your creations?
P3D-Art: I always find it hard to exactly tell what inspires me. Of course, we all get influences from outside. All fantasy related I love ... But I prefer trying to keep an open creative mind. So mainly I create what comes from within.

What is your favorite software to create with?
P3D-Art: Poser, Photoshop, Silo 3D

What is your favorite thing to design?
P3D-Art: According to my art, I love to create strong fantasy, dark and sci-fi with an extra layer. My goal is to trigger the viewer's mind.

As for my products, I love to create products that inspire the users. By using basic textures and I like to offer the buyer the option to combine them with as many as possible other items in their runtimes to variate. (To give them that one little piece that was missing.) Hope this makes sense. But that is actually how my basic line was born and the simplicity looks of my models.

What is the process of creating images like for you?
P3D-Art: Creating art for me is different than creating promo's for my products. For promos, I try to catch the customers eye towards my products being the center point following my personal set of golden rules. For my art, I have total freedom to let my fantasy out.

Although I have created pretty much hair expansions over the years, they are still a challenge trying to improve bit by bit. Maybe it doesn't show all the time .. but each hair I start from scratch how the textures fit the models at best as possible. Hairs by StudioArtvartanian always gave me the best of joy. While working on those I could and never resist being distracted creating a piece of art in between.

As for my modeling, I think it is obvious I love to create horns .. Lol .. Spikes and horns are for now my modeling trademark. I can't help myself being dragged in that direction. At the moment, I am planning to focus more to create products in sci-fi fantasy direction. Still in development working to reach that goal. But at the moment, I am learning everyday taking tutorials and such in my spare time to get there hopefully some day.

Photoshop Magazine contacted me to publish an interview and publish art by me several years ago in their first issue about Photoshop meets 3D .. as well I have been featured in 3D Artists magazine. Being firstly a Photoshop/3D-render artist, I think you can imagine this I am secretly still proud about.

For another question, what's your favorite product and rendering you've created?
P3D-Art: Not sure what my most favorite product or art pieces are .. Each item I work on are my precious. At this moment I have not much spare time to create art but currently I am in the black & white and sci-fi mood.

Find more of P3D-Art's creations and products in her store. Or follow her on DeviantArt.

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