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Aug 22, 2017 at 01:00 pm by SchelleFire

Artist/Vendor Profile: greenpots

greenpots is a craftsman when it comes to 3D objects and scenes. His work is detailed an stylish. I came across his work when Jenn at mentioned she liked his work and thought I would too. I sure do.

What strikes me as I go through his store is how practical his items are: there's a variety of rooms, specific plants and flower beds; even historical scenes like a room on the Titanic. Each of these pieces requires research and care in their creation. I guess what I'm saying is that greenpots loves detail and completeness in his work. Plus, he has a great sense of color in his scenes. They are alive and stand out among other vendors at Renderosity.

greenpots is also a game creator. His "Can't Escape the Villa" uses his strong coding and asset creation skills to good use. You can read more about the game and/or download it at the Android apps Google Play page.

Make sure you watch the video (below) to see examples of the kind of work he does. Also visit his store at where there you can see some of the many interesting items he has to offer.

Interview with greenpots

Renderosity Magazine: an you tell us about the software you use to create your images? Why have you chosen this particular software(s)? What is your goal when you are creating something for sale in your store?

greenpots: For the geometry I am using 3dsmax. For textures Photoshop. For texture mapping UVMapPro and some text editors for special modifications. Then use Poser and sometimes python for the final product. You may not believe it but the versions of software I use are 20th century stuff, load instantly, they are easy to use and make life easier. No need of the shining newer versions with tones of features that will never be used.

First thing when creating a new item is to be unique. I do not copy existing 3d scenes from online libraries. I have a basic idea and then do my own search in real world to make the final product.

I try to use as less complicated geometry as it is possible, so the user with limited memory can create a scene with a lot of figures in it without a problem.

Ease of use is another aspect of my products. I usually use python scripts to make complicated things work at a click of a button. In this way you can move for example from day to night with one click because python does all the work for the user.

Can you tell me about yourself: where do you live and how did you get involved in digital art creation? Also, you have some wonderful products in your store. Beautifully designed. One in particular: Twins bedroom. Can you tell me about your idea and workflow on this project?

greenpots: I live in Greece and my main job is software engineer. Back at the early 90s I was involved in the project of building our family house. Starting from AutoCad, then moved to 3dsmax and then, at late 90s, I discovered Poser (poser 3). I was excited from the detailed textures of the characters and the ability to set them easily in many poses. (Back then, the best you could get for human figures was elementary mesh that took centuries to work with).

I started to create 3d models for fun on my spare time, because I wanted to place the Poser figures at some kind of environment. At the beginning of the millennium I discovered Renderosity and after some years of being a user, I became a vendor.

The "twins bedroom" project was a "2 step" inspiration. I was searching on line for buying new curtains for my home, specific searching for bright colours. At that time it happened to read an article about the differences of twins. I don't know how, it all ended at my Rendo store to see if I had create a room for twins.
No room yet, so time to create one.
And some interesting detail. Look at the sketchbook on one of the desks of promo images. The drawing you see is actually something that I drew when I was 7-10 years old.

My most recent project is an Android puzzle game Can't Escape from Villa. I used all my programming skills for the code and some of my Rendo products as base for the graphic stuff of the game.

Any favorite artists at Renderosity or beyond? Do you favor a particular style or is each work unique?

greenpots: No favorite artists. I think everybody has his own style, you can't escape from yourself. As a result, most of my products follow some basic concepts.

Can't Escape from Villa screen-capture

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